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Welcome to our New Sponsor - Optus!

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

As part of ISEAA’s strategy planning, ISEAA is in the process of expansion, this process is only possible with the support of everyone who is directly or indirectly related to the international education industry. In this edition, I will be pleased to present our newest sponsor, Optus! A huge thank you to Nicholas Egan, for the support and benefits offered to our international students and their agents, our members will certainly appreciate it too!

Free OPTUS Sim Cards & MBB Sim Cards

How it will work – during a period of a year, Optus will distribute free sim cards to ISEAA’s members and partners. If you are a member and would like to provide your students free sim cards and discounted devices, contact ISEAA on

(Subtitle: REQUEST Free Sim Cards_ Agency Name)

Upon receiving the sim cards, we will contact you to discuss quantity and delivery.

  • Important: The Optus $2.00 Sim Cards do not come with any credit on them initially, so the student will need to activate/recharge the $2.00 Sim Cards when they are given them. The activation process can be done anywhere in Australia, just by simply registering the $2.00 sim card with their ID I.e. Passport/Drivers licence & Credit Card. They can buy the recharge at basically any retailer and manually use that for the first recharge purchase. This will give them a certain amount of prepaid options to recharge with.

Optus is also extending the benefits! They are not only giving you free sim cards, but they will also be giving all students a 20% discount on their pre-paid products. What a great way to help our students save money!

17 key benefits and beyond…

…of Prepaid Product Range which our members will access to order in the cost price of -20% discount of the RRP price listed on the attachment below.

  1. Providing a service for new Internationals

  2. Well-known & strong brand in Australia

  3. The amazing Optus network which is great in regional areas of Australia

  4. Customers can make international calls back to their home country

  5. Highly customisable prepaid plans

  6. Quite affordable & cheap

  7. Easy to use

  8. Highly accessible customer service support 24/7

  9. Extremely useful for data usage & applications

  10. Sending TXT/MMS Messages

  11. Have an Australian Mobile Number

  12. Unlimited call for a certain period

  13. No contract

  14. Access to all Optus prepaid services

  15. Can use Optus prepaid roaming

  16. Optus stores across Australia where customers can attend their local stores if there is any issues

  17. Different prepaid plans depending on monthly usage

Read more about the benefits in the attachment below.

Optus Prepaid Products 2022 (1)
Download PDF • 2.23MB

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