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ISEAA  - International Student Education Agents Association was officially launched in September 2018 at the education agent symposium Sympled2018, however, the organisation has existed for more than ten years! ISEAA was co-created by a group of education agents coming together with a group that supported the Brazilian market. For many years international education has coped with changes and uncertainties brought about by government departments and the education agents have never had a voice or input into decisions that affect our business.


Government and education industry peak bodies need a single voice from education agents to represent the sector– single nationality agent associations are effective in their market only. ISEAA represents from smaller to larger agencies across all nationalities and our board and members are diverse.


Since then ISEAA has progressed with assisting the education agent industry with many meetings with governments bodies, associations, events and business related to our industry. There are many changes being aimed at education agents in the coming year and we aim to achieve much more in benefits for our members.

The association gives a voice and focus on the vital place that education agents hold in the international education market and it is ISEAA’s goal to be a peak body for all education agents working in Australia. Together we are stronger, get involved! Help us to shape our industry!

Our Directors

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MARK LUCAS established iae GLOBAL in partnership with OJ Kim of iae EDUHOUSE in January 2006. iae GLOBAL is one of the world’s leading international education recruitment and marketing consultancies with over 90 offices in 16 countries recruiting in excess of 20,000 students per year to institutions around the world. In November 2014, iae GLOBAL entered into a private equity partnership with New Horizon Capital in Japan to form iae HOLDINGS, Inc. Mark is currently the Chief Corporate and Business Officer as well as a Board Member and shareholder of iae HOLDINGS, Inc. He is also shareholder and board member of Eduhouse Inc, Korea. With a career in education spanning 39 years, Mark has a teaching degree from the University of Newcastle and has taught high school, college and ESL in Australia and Japan. Prior to iae GLOBAL, Mark was the founding director and CEO of Technos Language and Commerce College (TLCC) – a private English language and vocational education college for international students in Sydney In 2001, TLCC merged with Aspect Education Holdings, a UK-based education group with 20 colleges in seven countries. Mark was the Managing Director and Australian shareholder of Aspect Education in Australia until March 2005. Mark has been active in the private export education sector and was a director of and past Chair of the Australian Council for Private Education and Training, a former convener of the Affiliation of International Education Peak Bodies and a founding member of the Commonwealth Government Contribution Review Panel in Canberra. Mark has been actively involved in the consultative process with both the Federal and State governments in Australia relating to industry issues that impact private education and training, both domestically and overseas. He was a board member of the NSW Government Task force for International Education and past board member of the American International Recruitment Council (AIRC) in the USA as well a current member of the Advisory Board of International Conferences and Education Fairs (ICEF). Mark has been an international presenter and panelist at key educational conferences such as the AIEF/IDP Conferences in Australia, ICEF Workshops in Europe, USA and Canada, IALC Conferences, NAFSA and AIRC Conferences in the USA, as well as having been involved in a wide range of government and industry advisory roles over the past 25 years.

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Deputy Chair

Ana Regina da Silva (Regina da Silva) was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Regina has a law degree in Brazil and migrated to Australia in 2001 to study English and enrich her knowledge. In 2002 she opened her own agency called ABC Australia Education Consultancy, which over the years has proudly helped countless students reach their educational and professional goals. Besides her professional career, Regina has always been active in the community by helping people find their goals in many different spheres of life as a part of several non-for-profit organisations.  She was an executive board member at a Childcare Center for 7 years, monitoring and managing together with 6 other mothers the operation of the organisation with 118 children. One of her other achievements was being elected 3 years ago to be a part of The Brazilian Consulate in Sydney as one of the 14 counselors on their board known as CRBE (Council of Representatives of Brazilians Abroad). As a part of the board, Regina has contributed with her knowledge and has worked together with the committee in projects that influence and help the Brazilian community in Sydney. On top of that, she acts as a vice president for BRACCA (Brazilian Community Council of Australia), which is an institution that aims to deliver cultural events and social projects to the community in order to bring a little bit of the Brazilian culture to all of those living in Sydney. In addition, Regina represents ISEAA (International Student Education Agents Association) as its Deputy Chair and has achieved together with the executive board members great outcomes for the Association’s members. The organisation has taken an important role in the Education Industry in Australia as it aims to elevate the stands and practice of the industry as well as being the voice in between agents and Governments.

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Executive Officer

Robert Parsonson (Executive Officer, ISEAA) has 28 years in education and education export services, working within Australia and internationally. He is an expert on the development and execution of international student marketing strategies and offshore market entry. With experience in ELICOS, VET and higher education institutions, Rob’s ability to take novice businesses on their first foray into international markets and guide their journey to build sustainable long-term international student businesses is widely recognised. 


Rob’s previous clients include StudyNSW, helping develop the IET Strategy for StudyNT, an education agency strategy for Study Queensland, and a VET study with education agents for the IEO of the SA Government.


In 2017 (in Melbourne) Rob facilitated the first education agent symposium in Australia – The Symposium on Leading Education Recruitment (sympled.com.au) - that was repeated in Brisbane in 2018.  The symposium encouraged the formation of the International Student Education Agents Association (ISEAA) in 2018. The International Student Education Agents Association (ISEAA) was started to provide a peak body for education agents to advocate to government, peak bodies, providers and change some of the perceptions around the role education agents. Since the formation of ISEAA, education agents have given evidence to the Migration Committee in Canberra, and are actively engaging with DoE, DHA, Austrade, the office of the Overseas Students Ombudsman, and other international education peak bodies

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Executive Secretary

Melanie Macfarlane is a registered and practising Migration Agent with over 15 years’ experience securing visas for migrants to live, work and study in Australia. She has worked with individuals, families and employers from small to large-scale businesses, all with the same common goal – to explore new opportunities and create a happy world, one migrant at a time. Melanie founded MMMigration and VETA Education Consultancy in 2007 and with her husband Yovanny Useche Cruz, himself a Colombian national and Australian citizen, has since grown the company to eight offices across three states in Australia, four cities in Colombia and an office in Mexico City. She’s built a passionate, like-minded team who embody her positive values, setting them apart as leaders in the education and migration industry. From MMMigration and VETA’s vibrant offices to their professional service, the team reduces the stress and confusion from the migration process, ensuring peace of mind and positive outcomes. To date, MMMigration has helped over 5,000 people with a 99% success rate in helping migrants gain visas and permanent residence in Australia. A migrant herself, from the UK, Melanie was born in Freetown, West Africa and grew up in Vanuatu and Indonesia where her diverse circle of friends gave her a good understanding around equality and opportunities to succeed. Her experience as an English language teacher in Indonesia, an education consultant and a recruiter in bringing chefs over from Latin America, has created for her a solid network, particularly in her focus areas of childcare, hospitality, IT, engineering and agriculture. Melanie's motivation to educate, unite and support a policy of attracting highly skilled workers to expand the Australian economy is integral in shaping Australia and bringing innovation and entrepreneurship, particularly at a time when around 50% of all current jobs will soon cease to exist. She aims to connect, collaborate and present Australia as part of a global village, where immigration has built its cities and communities and has always been an important stimulus for economic prosperity.

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Belonging to one of the early batches of Nepalese international student cohort in Australia, Badri Aryal has successfully made positive impacts in the lives of international students. An IT graduate from Central Queensland University, Badri's career took a different path when he and his business partner started having conversations about the issues that the international students face in Australia, which later turned into their business venture. Expert Education and Visa Services was formed by Badri and his business partner in 2003 with the vision of providing genuine advice to international students regarding their further studies and stay in Australia. This bold vision has seen Badri's company spreading across ten countries employing 400 staff globally. With more than 16 years in the education industry experience, Badri brings with him an extensive knowledge of the school, the vocational and tertiary education system in Australia. His strong leadership has helped secure education and career pathways of more than 40,000 clients till date and his dedication to his work has earned EEVS many awards and accolades from the top educational institutions in Australia. One of the highlights of his career is being appointed as the Public Relations Representative for New South Wales by Nepal Tourism Board where his major focus was promoting Nepalese culture and tradition, as well as facilitating trade and business between Nepal and Australia. His association with ISEAA as one of the directors aims at developing and maintaining a high standard of practice in the education and migration consultation sector in Australia.

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Public Officer

Julian F. Fonseca, arrived in Australia 12 Years ago, with the dreams and the determination of learning a second language. Originally from Colombia, and with a Degree in Advertising & Marketing, Julian has worked across different industries in Australia and back at home, which allowed him to gain experience in different fields related to management, marketing, customer service, project management and International Education.


In 2008, and after living the experience of an International student in Australia, he had the opportunity of working at what it is today one of the largest International Student Agencies in Australia; here, Julian started a passionate and interesting career, where he contributed with his knowledge and passion for customer service, to the mutual growth of the brand and the improvement of their services by managing one of their branches in Brisbane Queensland.


Thanks to the mentoring and guidance from who was at the time the Director, Julian learnt all the ins and outs of the industry, and gained extensive knowledge in Student visa processes, study programs and institutions in Australia.

2010 was an important year, since Julian decided to travel around the world and was during these travels, where he had also the opportunity of working in Colombia for a well-known agency in the role of head of sales for Australia. With his experience and after achieving a high level of English, thanks to his studies and time as an international student, Julian managed to implement processes and procedures within his role, to make the experience of travelling to study in Australia, unique for this company and its clients.

2011, back in Australia, was a remarkable year, since it was the beginning of Julian’s dream to create a company that not only offer to its clients and unforgettable experience, but to lead and help his team growth professionally within the organization. His appetite for professional growth and collaboration with other business, has led him to work parallel with companies in industries like entertainment and events, as a consultant. Since then Mate Education & Migration, has worked towards making Australia The Experience for hundreds of students, wanting to further their studies, while living and working overseas.


Julian is a strong believer that International Education is evolving, and new methods of delivery are attracting young minds. He is also confident that throughout mentoring, we learn efficiently and progressively. He is passionate in leading his team and clients, by having a problem-solving mindset. Adaptability, creativity, honesty and reliability are key in our industry. We should always look for change and challenging opportunities. Finding gaps in the market and seeking connections in order to improve the experience of studying overseas is vital.


His collaboration and participation with ISEAA, is fundamental to determine the quality of education agents in our industry, since this will endure growth and benchmarks for all future agents.



Executive Member

Ms Ursula Ng graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in the early 70's and migrated to Australia in 1975.

In 1988, as a pioneer in the fledgling education industry, Ms Ng established the Advisory Centre for Australian Education to deliver a comprehensive suite of services to Chinese students.  Prior experience as a social worker in the Australian Chinese Community Association in Sydney and as a student counsellor of the Australian Catholic University ensured she truly understood the needs of overseas students in their study pursuits as well as their daily lives in Australia.

She has become the most recognised education consultant in Sydney after the successful launch of her "Education & Living in Australia" magazine in 1993.  Ms Ng has since been invited as a regular columnist on Australian education for many Chinese newspapers and magazines.  She has been interviewed on numerous occasions by the Australian and Chinese media, including regular appearances on SBS. 

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Executive Member

Julian has over 20 years of experience, including the establishment of schools and colleges throughout in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Australia. As Director of ICTE, Julian is strategically focussed on developing the Institute’s capacity business scope, and human capital to expand and diversify operations to keep abreast of new developments within the dynamic international education environment.

Julian has held several leadership positions, as a director, head of school, and deputy principal of schools and colleges in both the domestic and international environment across secondary, tertiary and higher education sectors. Julian’s education includes a degree in Economics from Cardiff University, teaching qualification and two subsequent Masters Degrees in International Economics and Management at Warwick University in the United Kingdom and Massey University in New Zealand. He is also a recent Graduate of the Executive Leadership Program at the UQ Business School.

Our Objectives

to represent

the interests of its members to:

  • Potential students overseas, and sources of these students

  • Australian and other Government agencies

  • Educational bodies in Australia and overseas

  • Media and other interested parties in Australia and internationally

to promote

Australian education services and society internationally with   standards of ethical behaviour throughout its membership by:

  • Publication and distribution of a Code of Conduct

  • Development and distribution of training materials for agents

to act

as a forum for the interchange of ideas and information within the membership and between members and other stakeholders

To organise and / or participate in events and other initiatives which jointly promote the interests of all members​

to organize

To develop and distribute resources of interest and benefit to all members

to develop

We represent over 50 countries. Together we can do great things.

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