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Agents concerned - Subclass 408 Open for students to transition to hospitality and tourism jobs.

Unpacking the recent announcements from immigration for international students on options for work rights in Australia. The s/c 408 can be quite confusing as there are 3 different groups that can apply and each group has different conditions.

Many students are making enquiries about transitioning to the visa and students and agents must understand the conditions and possible risks moving onto this very new subclass of visa. A s/c408 should be the last visa before the student leaves Australia and not be seen as a kind of interim working holiday visa.

Understand the new work rights for students in hospitality and tourism

A ZOOM meeting link will be sent on Friday morning to those who have registered.

This information in this webinar is general in nature and students and agents must check with a Registered Migration Agent (RMA) with a MARA Registration number or a lawyer with migration experience on a case by case nature.



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