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Insights into the China Market from a Student Accommodation Perspective

On November 3 the Student Accommodation Association (SAA) hosted a global Webinar 'Insights Into The China Market From A Student Accommodation Perspective'. 58 attendees from Australia, China, the UK, Europe and North America joined the webinar. Speakers from Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai as well as the Minister Counsellor from the Australian Embassy in Beijing shared with us their views about how potential international students and their families from China view Australia as an education destination in a Post-COVID world. The message from all speakers was that there will be strong demand and despite some negativity from a range of areas, Australia is still viewed as a quality education destination.

Potential international students from China are keen to begin their studies in a dynamic, safe environment with high quality educational opportunities like Australia. The key message to emerge is that it is time for Australia to have consistent, positive, accurate and welcoming messaging about the return of international students.

by David Riordan



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